The Family History.The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.
The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.


Person Sheet

Name Vincent LOWE Esq.
Birth Date 1594
Birth Place Denby, Derbyshire, England
Death Date 1634
Death Place Denby, Derbyshire, England
Father Patrick LOWE (1562-1615)
Mother Jane HARPUR/HARPER (1570-1594)
Father Henry CAVENDISH (1549-1616)
Mother Unknown
Children Grace (~1614-)
Anne (~1618-)
Elizabeth (1626-)
Dorothy (1630-)
Vincent (1632-ca1692)
Jane (1633-~1700)
John (<1616-1659)
Notes for Vincent LOWE Esq.
Note: In the records of Maryland, it is stated that in the year 1662, Lord Baltimore gave a warrant for two thousand acres of land to Lord Henry Sewell, calling him his "Beloved secretary." Lord Sewell brought over from England his wife Jane Sewell, the daughter of Vincent Lowe and Ann Cavendish, also his children, Nicholas, Elizabeth and Ann. The home was built on Secretary Creek. The creek still bears that name, and was so called because Lord Sewell was Secretary of the Colony of Maryland. []

According to The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States by Gary Boyd Roberts, 1993, pg 161-162, as excerpted by Combs researcher Vince Griffin, the ancestry of the Lowes of Maryland is:

1. Edward III, King of England, d. 1377 = Philippa of Hainault
2. John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster = Blanche PLANTAGENET
3. Elizabeth PLANTAGENET = John HOLAND, 1st Duke of Exeter, half-brother of Richard II, King of England
4. Constance HOLAND = Sir John GREY of Ruthin
5. Alice GREY = Sir William KNYVETT (Knevet)
7. Christopher THWAITES = Joan ----
8. William THWAITES = Alice GARNEYS
9. Winifred THWAITES = Sir George PIERPONT
10. Isabella PIERPONT = Sir Joh HARPUR
11. Jane HARPUR = Patrick LOWE
12. Vincent LOWE = Anne CAVENDISH, illegitimate daughter (by ----) of Henry CAVENDISH (husband of Grace TALBOT), son of Sir William CAVENDISH and Elizabeth HARDWICK, the well-known "Bess of Hardwick," Countess of Shrewsbury, adventuress (Sir William was the second of four husbands), daughter of John HARDWICK and Elizabeth LEKE, ARD, SETH
13. Jane LOWE of Md. = (1) Henry SEWALL, secretary of Md., nephew of Sir William DUGDALE the antiquarian and genealogist; (2) Charles CALVERT, 3rd Baron Baltimore (1637-1715), colonial governor of Md., ARD, SETH.
13. John LOWE = Catherine PILKINGTON
14. Nicholas LOWE of Md. = Mrs. Elizabeth ROE Combes
14. Henry LOWE of Md. = Mrs. Susannah Maria BENNETT Darnall, daughter of Richard BENNETT, Jr., governor of Va. and Md., and Henrietta Maria NEALE, daughter of James NEALE of Md., ARD, SETH, and Anna Maria GILL. (Note: Nicholas and Vincent LOWE, younger brothers of Lady Baltimore, also came to Md., and Vincent married Elizabeth FOSTER. Neither brother however, left NDTPS).
Comments Notes for Ann (Spouse 1)
Comment: Ann may have been an illegitimate daughter of Henry. Henry's wife was Grace Talbot, but all of his children were illegitimate. A post reported that Anne was not listed as a child of Henry in "The Cavendish Family" by Francis Bickley (1911).
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