The Family History.The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.
The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.The Family History and Genealogy of Laura and Elizabeth Henderson.
You are in the HENDERSON section.Low.Corder.Brooks.Compiled by Laura Henderson since 1989.
Railroad watch and Rhodes Bible. hspace=
Railroad watch and Rhodes Bible.
Phoebes basket.
Phoebes basket.

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Henderson plantation.Scotland.

The Hendersons
The story of our Henderson family begins with our earliest identified ancestor, James (Isaac) Henderson Sr. James was settled at Henderson's Landing on North Carolina's New River by 1732 (possibly as early as 1722, but the earlier record is inconclusive). Through his son Argulus Henderson, James is progenitor the Chatham County, NC Henderson family.

Learn why I always use parentheses around the name (Isaac)...

Henderson Family Research Library The Legacy Project.
The Artemas H. Henderson Memorial Library
In honor of my great-grandfather, Artemas H. Henderson (whose wish that his daughter Thelma research the family history has directly resulted in my own interest and work) I have established a library containing documents and media relevant to ancestor James Henderson Sr. of Onslow County, NC and his descendants.

Libraries and Collections for Allied Lines
The Eliza H. Lindley Collection: A collection of documents relating to the Lindley family of Chatham Co., NC and Howard Co., IN. Line merges with Hendersons in 1846 with the marriage of Eliza to Isaac R. Henderson of Chatham Co., NC.

NEW! G1 Henderson Family Research Blog
Blogger Keep up with what's new on this blog of my research on the family history and genealogy of the Henderson family identified as Family G1 on the Clan Henderson Society's DNA project. This family currently consists of three distinct branches: The Chesapeake Hendersons, The Onslow County, NC Hendersons, and the Baltimore Hendersons. All three groups share a common ancestor, probably prior to 1665, and are in search of clues to their connections to each other and their origins in the UK.

Henderson Family DNA Project
Join the Clan Henderson Society's DNA Project!
In 2006 The Clan Henderson Society of the United States agreed to endorse a Henderson Family DNA Project through Administrator James Henderson has done a wonderful job recruiting volunteers for this simple, painless, and private test. As one of the early advocates of Genetealogy, I immediately had my own male line tested and was delighted to find a match! If you are a male Henderson, I cannot overstate the importance of participating in this groundbreaking effort to conclusively identify not only family groups of Hendersons here in the United States, but also to facilitate discovery of our origins through matches overseas.

Read about matches on our line of Hendersons on the James (Isaac) Henderson DNA Project page.

Yahoo Groups

Henderson Family G1 Discussion Group
A private collaborative discussion area for researchers and descendants of the Henderson family who have, by DNA testing, confirmed a relationship and have been grouped into the Clan Henderson Society DNA project as Family Group G1 (in green).

Henderson Links
The Henderson Family Forum on
Postings by Henderson researchers all over the U.S.; includes postings on most identified Henderson lines.

The Clan Henderson Society of the United States including access to the DNA Project (by contact with the administrator).

Memories of Charles Hubert Henderson
I was twenty when my grandfather died, old enough by far to have come to know him well, or at least as well as he allowed himself to be known. Just about the time you thought you had him figured, he'd go and surprise you.

Charles Henderson about 1937.
Charles Henderson ca. 1937

Words that come to mind when I remember him are: tall, elegant, dignified, tidy, stern, wry and very, very proud.

Papaw was a tall man, or at least he seemed so to me, even into my adulthood. He had sharply chiseled, handsome features, and a head-full of silver-white hair, worn slicked neatly back. I rarely saw my grandfather when he was not dressed in a well-fitting suit with a crisp handkerchief in his breast pocket and even occasionally a fedora on his head (even so late as the 1980's when the wearing of hats in public, even by gentlemen, was no longer required by fashion). Perhaps this formal dress was mainly due to the fact that my grandparents made their infrequent visits to my parents' home on Sunday afternoons following church. Even at home, though, he was usually to be found in a sleeved shirt and slacks. One consistent thing I remember about his appearance was his ruby ring, a large, blood-red, square-cut stone set in a wide gold band. Some vague memory from my childhood has him showing it to me with a certain degree of enthusiasm.

Papaw did not suffer fools gladly...


Charles Henderson.
Charles Henderson.
Charles Henderson and Henderson crest.
Artemas Henderson and Esther Burgess. Artemas Hezekiah Henderson. Esther Ailene Burgess Henderson.

Learn more about Charles Henderson 's Parents...
Artemas H. Henderson
Esther Burgess

Some Surnames in this Section:
Anderson, Ball, Bancroft, Birtles, Brewer, Burgess, Buxsey, Calvert, Clark, Coble, Copeland, Crossland, Crutchfield, Cuthbert, Dickey, Duck, Dunbabin, Emig/Amick, Evans, Foden, Geisler, Hadley, Harlan/Harland, Harrison, Hawksworth, Heald, Henderson, Hobson, Hoope/Hoopes, Janney, Johnson, Kieran/Keran, Kirk/Newkirk, Langley, Leonard, Lindley, Long, Low, MacPherson, Meacham, Murray, Norman, Parke, Pasliew, Passmore, Payne, Richardson, Rhodes, Rotter, Seaman, Shires, Sonss, Stainhouse, Strettel, Thomas, Volkel, Weston, Whitehead

Visit the Surname Index for a complete linked listing of names on my genealogy website and links to these family group sheets.


Henderson Crest Rings

I recently had a beautiful Henderson crest ring commissioned from Dexter Seal Engraving in England. If you would like one of these crest rings, email Simon Wright for ordering information.



Header: Artemas Henderson's railroad watch overlaid with an entry from the Rhodes Bible; a basket hand-woven by Phoebe Richardson Henderson; the Henderson Plantation in Chatham County, NC; Scottish highlands near Glasgow -- with eyes of Isaac Henderson in sky above mountains.

Sidebar: Charles Henderson, Henderson Crest (overlay), father Artemas Henderson, mother Esther Burgess Henderson.

Ancestors of Distinction.

  • The Simon Hadleys, they tried, but they just weren't good Quaker material!
  • Argalus Henderson, early Orange County, North Carolina farmer and participant in the Regulator movement and the Battle of Alamance, the "first battle of the American Revolution".
  • Daniel McPherson, rumored abducted from his home in Inverness, Scotland, and sold as an indentured servant in Pennsylvania.

Portrait Gallery.

Isaac Henderson, b.1837.Eliza Lindley Henderson, b. abt. 1830.Elwood Henderson, b. 1851.Phoebe Richardson, b. 1852.Artemas Henderson, b. 1873.
Artemas Henderson, b. 1873.Esther Burgess, b. 1878.Charles Henderson, b. 1907.Charles Henderson, b. 1907.Charles and Jessie Low Henderson, abt. 1935.
Aaron Lindley, b. 1768.Jonathan Lindley, b. 1796.Eliza Camilla Meachem Lindley, b. 1810.Henderson Plantation about 1948.Ceiling of the Painted House.

Visit the Lindley Family Photo Album. Includes photos of Aaron Lindley (b. 1768), sons David and Jonathan Lindley, daughter-in-law Eliza Camilla Meachem, plus many grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Aaron Lindley.


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This family history is a work in progress collected and assembled by Laura Henderson. Please take a moment to read about my research to familiarize yourself with important caveats about the information contained on the site. I am continuing to research and add information on a regular basis, so check back frequently. If you can add to my information on any of the lines you find on the site, please send me an email.

In the spirit of sharing the family history, please feel free to download any photos which are attributed to my collection. If you use any of my original writing, I would appreciate a footnote or a link back to my site. If I have failed to acknowledge proprietary research, please let me know where, so that I can add footnotes or remove the material.

This site is dedicated first and foremost to my grandmother Hazel Brooks Corder, and to the memories of Pearl Corder, Zella Corder, and Gladys Reed Montgomery.

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